Courses of Italian for Foreigners - Online Language Assessment: Instructions
Relazioni Internazionali


The test to be taken by all students, including those who have never studied Italian.

The assessment test is not an exam!
It is designed to help us provide an Italian course that meets your needs.

Read the following instructions carefully before taking the test.

The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions divided into 7 sections.
  • there is only ONE correct answer to each question
  • do not refer to dictionaries or grammar books during the test
  • you will be allowed up to 20 minutes to answer the questions
  • if you fail to answer a certain percentage of correct answers in any given section, or if the 20 minutes are up, the test will end
  • once you have completed the test you may not take it again
  • if you experience any problems please try entering the assessment test again. If the problem remains email

If you experience any problems with the payment phase of the registration please email a screenshot of the last window where the process ended to


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